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Tile  & Grout Cleaning Services

Brand-New Looking Tiles at Bahrs Scrub

Have you ever wished to have squeaky clean and brand-new looking tile in your home bathroom, and kitchen backsplash? Whether you are a home or business owner at Bahrs Scrub, you can have great looking tiles as South Queensland Restorations offers its excellent tile and grout cleaning in the area. We have been in the cleaning industry since 2000. Thus, we have almost twenty years of cleaning experience. We have gathered a long list of satisfied and loyal clientele throughout Brisbane. And the list continues to grow. We use tried and tested methods to ascertain tiles and grouts are appropriately handled; leaving no damaged tiles in the cleaning process. We have highly-trained and certified technicians who use safe cleaning products and reliable tools and equipment.

Effective High-Pressure Cleaning

The outdoors should look as good as the indoors. To achieve this, bricks and floors should also be thoroughly clean and bright. We offer high-pressure cleaning of bricks, pavers, patios, driveway, sidewalks, and walkthroughs. High-pressure cleaning effectively gets rid of every hidden and stubborn dirt, dust, and grime. Thus, making the surface look brand-new again.

Several Specialized Services

South Queensland Restorations initially started as a carpet cleaning and carpet repair company. Therefore, it is safe to claim that we have the best carpet cleaning ability. Aside from cleaning carpets, we also clean rugs, air conditioners, and upholstered furniture for homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, and every commercial and industrial building.

Urgent Flood Water Extraction

In events of house floods or gushing water on any area, we can do emergency water extraction and water damage restoration service. Flood water from burst pipes, damaged water system, flash flood, river overflow, or leaky roof, should be dealt with immediately to prevent mould and bacteria build-up. We know the implications of stagnant water that is why we invested on having the best water extraction equipment. After getting rid of water, we then thoroughly dry the area. We use efficient drying equipment to dry floor, walls, carpets, and everything wet. We treat moulds and water damage stains.

All of these services are available at Bahrs Scrub. Simply call us at 1300 762 021 for more details about the services, pricing, and bookings. For emergency water extraction and water damage restoration, call us at 0400 716 182.

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