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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Leave the Dirty Tile Cleaning to the Experts

Tiles play an essential part in every home, office, or just about any edifice. They add both functionality and design to the structure. Hence, they have to be thoroughly cleaned like any other part of the structure. Maintaining the cleanliness of tiles prolongs their life, retains their looks, and provide the area a sense of comfort and safety. However, it is never too easy to clean and maintain them. Tiles and grout cleaning requires the proper know-how. South Queensland Restorations can aptly do the job for you at Algester. We excellently clean tiles and grout in an instant. We expertly do this because we have been in the industry for almost two decades. Our level of experience is incomparable. Hence, there is nothing wiser than to leave the tedious work to the experts.

Cleaning Is Our Passion

Our company was built because we felt the urgency to take on the responsibility of doing the dirty job, all for the convenience and safety of customers. We provide only the best services in that we have invested a lot in training our technicians, building effective cleaning methods, applying safe products, and utilizing the best equipment.

Flood Water? No Problem

Flood water from sudden water overflow from burst pipes, damaged water system, rainwater flood, flash flood, or just about any form of flooding may pose health risks and cause damage to houses, business, or any property. The good news is, we at South Queensland Restorations offer our 24-hour emergency water damage cleanup. We can thoroughly extract water, completely dry the area, floor, walls, furnishings, fabrics, and just about anything that needs urgent drying. We also deal with moulds and bacteria spores, as their rapid reproduction could lead to a lot of respiratory illnesses including asthma, flu-like symptoms, and allergic rhinitis. We mostly specialize in water damage carpet cleaning.

Other Related Services Available at Algester

We also provide other relevant services such as carpet cleaning and repair, upholstery cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, and other essentials that need intensive cleaning. We also control pests and offer other special services such as pressure cleaning of the patio, driveway cleaning, pet urine stain cleaning, pet hair removal, etc.

Call us now at 1300 762 021 to know more about the pricing, packages, or to make appointments. Our 24/7 line at 0400 716 182 is open 24/7 for any emergency water damage restoration service. We would gladly take the call and help.

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