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Underwood Water Damage Restoration


Stressed because of your water damage problems in your residence at Underwood that is why you are surfing the internet to find an excellent water damage restoration service in Logan City? Well, congratulations because you are on the right page! If you require water damage restoration Underwood residents, contact us today!

An Excellent Water Damage Service!

We are one of the most efficient team when it comes to satisfying your restoration needs for any of your water damage problems! We, the South Queensland Restorations is a well-established company based in Brisbane. We’ve been satisfying clients since the year 2000 and continued to perform better and better up until today! With almost two decades of experience, we can boast that our team is the most prepared to solve all your water damage problems! We invested in the most effective and efficient restoration equipment, and all of our technicians are licensed and knowledgeable in performing the said task! It is time for you to be stress-free with all these water damages problems!

Available 24/7!

Besides our concern on how untreated water damages can cause you a lot and possibly harm you and your family in the future, we are also aware that some water damages are unpredictable and more severe. These cases are in need of immediate response and action. That is why we designed the emergency response service! With the use of our emergency response vehicles which are equipped with essential gears in restoration, sudden water damages are no more a problem! This service is available 24/7 in Underwood and the entire Logan City!

How can you contact us?

Our professional expertise is just a call away from you! For bookings and inquiries, you may call us at 1300 762 021. If you are dealing with an emergency, you reach us 24/7 at 0400 716 182! We are looking forward in satisfying you!

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Shailer Park Water Restoration Services

Shailer Park

Dealing with any water damage problems in your home or business in Shailer Park? South Queensland Restorations is the company that can help you!

Water Damages

There are different water damages you can surely encounter anytime in your home. Some of them might be caused by some natural disasters like storms and floods and some might be caused by some indoor instances, such as plumbing failures, water leaks and burst pipe. Small or big problems, indeed, water damages are in need of immediate solutions for it may cause harm to you and your family later on. If you require water dame restoration Shailer Park residents, contact us today!

Why go with South Queensland Restorations when it comes to Water Damage Restoration?

South Queensland Restorations is a company based in Brisbane and is certified by Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The company is well-known for being one of the best team when it comes to the restoration of water damaged properties. The company uses the best and most efficient equipment to do the job. All of its licensed technicians are well-trained and skilled to satisfy the clients’ water damage restoration needs. In addition to that, all of the products being used by South Queensland Restorations is harmless for your family and pets so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your loved ones.

South Queensland Restorations also offers an emergency response to sudden cases of water damages that in need of quick restoration. The company’s Water Damage Response vehicles are always ready with the best dehumidifiers, dryers and other essential equipment in water damage restoration.

Other Services

Besides water damage restoration service, the company also offers other cleaning services in Shailer Park and the entire Logan City. Some of the said services are carpet cleaning and repair, tile cleaning, mould removal, upholstery cleaning, pest control, air-conditioning cleaning and other special services!

South Queensland Restorations is available any time of the day. Should you have any inquiries or bookings, you may dial 1300 762 021. The emergency response hotline is 0400 716 182.

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Tanah Merah Water Damage Restoration

Tanah Merah

It is not very hard to look for an excellent water damage restoration service provider in Tanah Merah and the entire Logan City for South Queensland Restorations is always at your service!

Why do you need to have a Water Damage Restoration Service?

“Water damages are common and usually being ignored because they are not that affecting our daily life”. If that is how you approach water damages, you are approaching it very wrong! Indeed, water damages are common in our daily life. We usually encounter burst pipe, water leaks, plumbing failure and many other water damages in our very own household and is because it is common, we often treat them in our way. Again, that is a wrong thing to do! Water damages, whether small or devastating, is always something to consider when it comes to giving proper solutions. Untreated water damages may cost you a lot as time goes by. Water damages may cause other dirt problems that are again, in need of proper resolution. Stagnant water is also prone to bacteria that might cause more severe problems to you and your family later on. These are the reasons why you need to have experts to give proper solutions and restoration to your water damage problems!

We are the EXPERTS!

Established in the year 2000, we, the South Queensland Restorations has been satisfying our clients for decades now and getting better and better as time goes by. Our services are certified by Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC). With years of experience, we can say that we are more than ready to solve all your water damage problems! Our equipment for the said task is an essential one and are indeed second to none! In addition to that, these excellent equipment are being operated by our professional licensed water damage technicians who are very passionate in giving you total satisfaction! Whether that is a small task such as burst pipe or simple water leak or a devastating water damage caused by natural floods, we will solve them for you! With our service, you’ll have the assurance that we will aid all your water damage problems in the most proper way possible! Not to mention that all our services and products and environmentally friendly and are safe to your pets and family! Indeed, we are that experts you are looking for! Take note; our services are available 24/7!

So you want to avail our expertise?

Besides water damage restoration, we also do carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and many other services! All these are available in Tanah Merah and the entire Logan City! For bookings and inquiries, you may contact us at 1300 762 021. In case of emergency water damage needs, you may reach us 24/7 at 0400 716 182.

Water Damage Restoration Edens Landing | South Queensland Restorations

Edens Landing Water Damage Restoration

Edens Landing

Excellent Water Damage Restoration at Edens Landing

Dealing with water damage from a flash flood or hurricane can be exhausting. Not to mention the stinky and annoying cleanup after a damaged water septic tank. Not anyone can do the tricky and challenging job of restoring the affected areas back to order and safety. That is why is a wise decision to just let the experts do the swift restoration process. Residents, home owners, and building owners can take advantage of the water damage cleaning prowess of South Queensland Restorations at Edens Landing. We have been servicing Brisbane for almost two decades and we can definitely do so in the area. If you require Water Damage Restoration Edens Landing residents, contact us today.

How Reliable Are We?

Well, we’ve been in the industry since 2000. We initially started with cleaning and repairing carpets back then. However, we sought the need to also cater to several specialized services which include water damage restoration. We stick to our principle – “Excellence with passion all the time”. No job is too great to too small. We give every job our best service. We deploy only the best and duly certified water damage restoration professionals. They have been trained and given certification by Australia’s trusted training institutions. We have effective methods set in place to ensure the high standard of work every time. We utilize the efficient equipment, tools, and products to produce great restoration results.

Upon arriving at the flooded or water damaged area, we assess and identify the water category as well as the water damage classification. This is done to make sure that only appropriate methods, equipment, and products will be used for the specific scenario. We have truck-mounted water extractor, dehumidifiers, and dryers that are always ready for use whenever necessary. We also have efficient steam cleaning equipment for cleaning and treating carpets and fabrics from water damage stains.

Call us at 1300 762 021 during business hours. You can also call us even after business hours at our 24-hour number 0400 716 182. We are sure you will be more than satisfied with our excellent services at Edens Landing. You will surely be delighted. Hence, you will be included in our list of satisfied customers.

Water Damage Restoration Eagleby | South Queensland Restorations

Eagleby Water Damage Restoration


Available Water Damage Restoration at Eagleby

Water damage, no matter how petty or great can pose health risk and damage to property or things in the house or any building. Moulds, rust, rotting, de-lamination can happen even in the least amount of water or moisture. Water can come in any source such as leaky roof, clogged toilet, burst pipes, or even washing machine overflow. It is necessary to have the situation dealt with to prevent further damage and potential risks. However, water damage restoration is not what everybody can do. It requires proper know-how, coupled with appropriate methods, equipment, cleaning products, and tools. That is why it is wise to let the experts do the restoration process. The great news is, residents and building owners can avail of reliable water damage restoration service from South Queensland Restorations. We have been cleaning in Brisbane since 2000, and we can surely cater to your immediate restoration needs in your area. If you require water damage restoration Eagleby residents, contact us now.

How We Do the Restoration

Our highly-trained and duly certified water damage restoration professionals inspect and assess the area to determine the proper handling of the situation. It is imperative to know the water damage classification and water category so that they will be able to determine the necessary equipment, tools, and products to use appropriate to the affected area. We use efficient water extraction equipment to thoroughly get rid of water in the place. Then, truck-mounted dryers and dehumidifiers are used to completely dry out water and moisture on floors, walls, carpets,
rugs, doors, curtains, and everything that got soaked. Afterward, we treat everything that got moulded or water damage stains, especially carpets. We know that carpets are the most wetted ones so we focus on having them thoroughly dried out of any trace of water, cleaned, treated from stains, and deodorized.

We are always ready to be of service to you at Eagleby. Just call us at 1300 762 021. We are open daily. You can also call us at our 24-hour mobile number at 0400 716 182 even after business hours. We are sure that you will be amazed at the results of our restoration service and you will be more than willing to be added to our list of satisfied customers.

QLD storm season is well and truly here.

With two more severe storm fronts forming in Southeast Queensland, it is obvious that the Queensland storm season is here.

The Bureau of Meteorology has recently released a warning that their radars have detected severe storms with damaging wind, heavy rainfall, and large hailstones.

It is scheduled to hit the Scenic Rim and parts of the Logan, Southern Downs and Gold Coast Council Areas.

The storms are currently moving towards the north and are said to affect Boonah and Logan Village by 3:55pm.

If you have recently been hit by a severe storm contact us about our water damage restoration services.

Severe Thunder storm Warnings QLD – South East Queensland

The Bureau of Meteorology has just released a severe thunder storm warnings in QLD.

Areas that might be affected include: Warwick, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Coolangatta, Ipswich, Boonah, Beenleigh and Caboolture.

With large hailstones and damaging winds likely, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are advising people to:

* Move your car under cover or away from trees.
* Secure loose outdoor items.
* Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees.
* Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.
* Beware of fallen trees and powerlines.
* For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.

Keep up to date with the latest storm warnings on the radio or at And, make sure you stay safe on your drive home this afternoon.