Our Brisbane tile repair services are saving our customers thousands – Here’s how!

When it comes to retiling your bathroom, kitchen, home or office, you’re not only paying for the new tile and grout, you’re also paying for labour. Depending on how big the job is and how long it takes, you could end up with a bill ranging from anywhere to $1000 to $10,000 plus! If you’re getting sick of staring at cracked, dinted or damaged tiles don’t replace all of them, save yourself thousands of dollars and just replace the broken tiles with South QLD Restoration’s Brisbane tile repair services!

How we replace your tiles and have your floor looking like new!

If you have damaged or broken tiles at your home or office, give South QLD Restoration a call. We’ll then come by at a time that suits you and we’ll assess your tiles and provide you with a quote. Once you’re happy to move forward we get to work, carefully removing any broken or damaged tiles. We then prepare the area for the new grout and tile. Once the space is levelled and free from debris, we lay the new tile. It’s that easy, which is why it’s such a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your tiled floors.

If your new tile is looking a little more polished than the rest of your tiles, you can enlist our tile cleaning and grout cleaning services. You’ll be amazed at the difference a professional clean can make to your tiles! Below are before and after images of one of our grout cleaning jobs. See here for our other tile cleaning related services.

Contact South QLD Restoration for all your tile repair and tile cleaning needs

If your tiles are looking dull or you have some tiles that need replacing, give South QLD Restoration a call! We also provide Brisbane carpet cleaning services!

Our water damage equipment is second to none! Learn more about it here!

If you’ve experienced water damage in your Brisbane home you’ll know the sooner you act, the better! South QLD Restoration have a quick response time, but it’s also our amazing commercial grade water damage restoration equipment that makes a massive difference! We understand how frustrating it can be to see your home destroyed by water, that’s why we’re committed to helping you restore your home to its former glory, and more importantly, why we choose to work with the brands we do.

We use Phoenix Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers and Air Movers

Phoenix has been around since 1994 and are constantly working to better their restoration equipment. We love Phoenix restoration products for their technology, efficiency and reliability. We use the Phoenix Dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air in your home and we use the Phoenix Air Scrubber to remove any harmful particles, chemicals or gasses from the air within your home. We also use Phoenix Air Movers, which create extra air circulation within your home to dry your carpets and floors faster.

We use HEPA Vacuums to remove bacteria and mould

Your health and safety are our main priority when we’re tackling your water damage. This is why we rely on HEPA Vacuums. HEPA vacuums are specifically designed to remove finite bacteria and particles from surfaces. Any bacteria and particles that are vacuumed will be safely contained inside the unit, ensuring nothing gets left behind in your home. We also use HEPA vacuums for mould removal.

For those tougher to target spots we use Drymatic Mats and the Octopus Drying System

For walls and cabinets, or areas that need to be specifically targeted we use a combination of our Drymatic Mats and the Octopus Drying System.

If your water damage has created an odour, we can take care of that too!

Water damage can often also leave behind a nasty odour, especially if it was a sewage related issue. Our Ozone Machine oxidises odours by attacking odours at the source, rather than trying to mask the odour, completely eliminating it from your home or office. Our Brisbane carpet cleaning services can also help with any unwanted odours!

Contact South QLD Restoration for all your water damage restoration needs

If you’ve just experienced water damage to your Brisbane home, and you’re wanting a company with experience and excellent water damage restoration equipment, look no further than South QLD Restoration! We’re just a phone call away! Contact us now!

Our tips for keeping a home full of pets clean and tidy

When you have pets in your home, it can make it harder to maintain clean and tidy spaces, free from pet urine stains and pet hair. Our professional Brisbane carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services have taught us a thing or two about cleaning pet urine stains and pet hair removal! We want to share our tips with you on how to keep your home clean and tidy, even though it may be filled with pets!

Keep your pets well groomed

Ensure you are giving your pets regular baths, particularly for dogs. Depending on the breed of your cat or dog, you may be able to reduce the amount of pet hair they shed by giving them regular haircuts.

Start the toilet training as soon as possible

Whether this means training them to only go to the bathroom outside, or if it means getting them to use a kitty litter or a fake patch of grass. Pet urine stains are hard to get rid of, and the smell can hang around even after you’ve done your best to clean it. The sooner you can ensure your pets won’t be using your carpet as a toilet, the better.

Keep the feeding area to one designated spot in the house

Whether you have a couple of dogs, cats or both, one of the best ways to help keep your home tidy is to keep your pets feeding area contained to one spot. Pick a spot that has an easy to clean floor, like a tiled kitchen or laundry floor. This will stop pet food getting all over your house, and it will also be easier to tidy up any spills.

Enlist some help from the professionals at South QLD Restoration in Brisbane

When it comes to cleaning up after pets, sometimes all you can do is bring in the experts. Especially when it comes to nasty pet urine stains or pet hair removal. Our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and special cleaning services will have your home and furniture both looking and smelling clean! Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Pressure cleaning – It’s not as dangerous or damaging as the name suggests!

When you put the words pressure and cleaning together, it sounds like an invasive and damaging cleaning technique. This is, however, certainly not the case! Pressure cleaning is a great way to remove stubborn grime, dirt, oil, debris and more from a number of different surfaces. From your wooden deck, to your garage floor or your paved driveway, you’ll be amazed at the way pressure cleaning can make these surfaces look brand new!

How does pressure cleaning work?

One of the main reasons why pressure cleaning is so safe, is that it doesn’t use chemicals. Pressure cleaning simply entails water being projected from a nozzle at high speed. This concentrated pressure from the water is what makes it so easy to lift away oil, grime and debris from surfaces. Whilst the pressure is more intense than the average garden hose, it is still a safe amount of pressure that won’t create cracks, dints or other damage to the surface you’re working on.

Domestic Pressure Cleaners Vs Commercial Pressure cleaners

There are lots of pressure cleaners on the market aimed specifically at home owners for domestic use. Whilst these types of pressure cleaners can be great for smaller jobs like cleaning a car, our commercial pressure cleaners are designed to tackle larger scale jobs and tougher grime and stains. If you’re struggling with your own pressure cleaner at home, give us a call! You’ll be blown away by the difference a commercial pressure cleaner can make!

Contact South QLD Restoration for all your Brisbane pressure cleaning needs!

Whether you need to clean up the exterior of your commercial building, your preparing your home for sale and it needs a once over, or your new project is transforming your deck back to its former glory, contact South QLD Restoration! Our Brisbane pressure cleaning services are second to none!

Your antique furniture could be worth more than you realise! Breathe new life into it with our upholstery cleaning services

Whether it’s a piece of furniture you bought second hand, or an antique couch that has been passed down through the family for generations, you could be sitting on a goldmine, not just a couch! Your antique furniture may look a little dirty, and it may be stained here or there but with our amazing upholstery cleaning services, we can bring those much-loved pieces back to life! So, stop wondering if you should just turf your antique furniture, and contact South QLD Restoration to see what they can do for you!

We don’t have a one upholstery-cleaning-method suits all approach

We understand that different types of materials, and the age of the piece of furniture will make a big difference to how we should clean a piece of antique furniture. Therefore, before we get to work, we take the time to assess the material type and the type of stain before we choose which upholstery cleaning product to use.

Our cleaning products are safe for your antique furniture, family and pets

Owning antique furniture ourselves, we appreciate not only the monetary value, but the sentimental value you may hold for your antique furniture. This is why we only use the best commercial grade upholstery cleaning products available, to ensure that we can safely clean away any grime or stains. Our upholstery cleaning products are also perfectly safe for your pets and your family.

Regular professional upholstery cleaning makes the world of difference

Having your antique furniture professionally cleaned not only helps your antique furniture look great, it also helps you maintain its value!

Do you need a professional Brisbane upholstery cleaning service? Contact us now!

For an exceptional upholstery cleaning service every time, contact the experienced team at South QLD Restoration!

Do you have a mould problem in your Brisbane home? We help you spot the signs.

Mould is a type of fungus, so it can start as a small contained issue but can then spread quickly, and before you know it, you’ve gone from having mould in your shower, to having mould throughout your bathroom! Mould can sneak up on you, so we share our tips on spotting mould before it takes over your home!

What does mould look like?

Mould usually appears as black spots. It can sometimes look like dust and dirt but the easiest way to tell the difference, is mould won’t simply wipe away.

Where is mould commonly found?

Mould is commonly found in areas of your home that are often subject to damp conditions like your bathroom, laundry, or places that don’t have ventilation or access to natural light, like your walk-in-wardrobe. Mould can start out in hard to notice places, like under your shampoo bottle or behind your washing machine. If you notice mould you should treat it straight away and do your best to determine the cause so you can prevent the mould from reappearing. For example: With mould growing under shampoo bottles, it’s a good idea to put your toiletries in shower racks, rather than leaving them on the floor to sit in any left-over water from your shower.

Mould on a larger scale

When it comes to mould on a larger scale, simple house hold products won’t cut it. That’s where our mould removal services come in. The mould in the picture above is caused by water damage, and while it looks irreversible our many years of providing mould removal services have given us the knowhow on how to remove mould from your walls and carpet safely and efficiently.

Call South QLD Restoration and book our Brisbane mould removal services today!

If you have mould in your home or office, you should deal with it straight away, so it doesn’t spread further or start to affect your health! No matter how big or small your mould problem is, our experienced mould removal specialists can help! Call now!

Before you replace your carpet, consider carpet repair or our Brisbane carpet cleaning services!

Do you have a cigarette burn in your carpet? Do you have a thread loose in your carpet? Does your carpet have a mark that just won’t come out? It seems silly to replace an entire room of carpet for a tiny patch of damage, but it may feel like your only option! At South QLD Restoration, we can provide you with more options than replacing your carpet, by helping you repair it with our Brisbane carpet repair services or our Brisbane carpet cleaning services!

How our Brisbane carpet repair services work

First, we come to your home or office and take a look at the mark or stain. From there we will determine whether our carpet cleaning services will remove the stain. We have years of experience and our commercial grade carpet cleaning products are second to none, so there aren’t many stains our carpet cleaning services can’t handle.

If there is actual damage to the carpet like a burn or tare rather than a stain or mark, we will assess the best way to repair the carpet. If the carpet is still available through a carpet supplier, we can order the carpet in. If the carpet is no longer available, this usually entails taking carpet from somewhere like a wardrobe or underneath a built-in cupboard where if the carpet is removed, it won’t be noticeable. We then carefully cut out the damaged carpet and replace it, and secure it in a way that you can’t see the outline of the repaired spot. We call this our invisible mending technique!

Contact the Brisbane carpet cleaning and carpet repair experts today and save yourself thousands!

If you’ve been staring at a mark on your carpet for years, call South QLD Restoration now! We’ll help you make your carpet look brand new again!

Household Pests – We share our DIY pest control tips on keeping them at bay

There’s nothing worse than finding household pests in your home! From cockroaches and rats to huntsmans and ants, we share our tips on keeping pests at bay with our DIY pest control tips!

DIY pest control tip number one

Firstly, keeping your home tidy is one of the best ways to ensure you’re not creating an open invitation for guests to come into your home.

  • Things like dirty plates can attract pests who are in search of food, make sure you are rinsing any dirty plates so there are no crumbs left behind.
  • Piles of laundry provide pests with a place to hide. Try putting all your dirty laundry inside a laundry basket that has a lid.
  • Wiping down benches after food preparation to ensure all crumbs and food are removed.

DIY pest control tip number two

Make sure you’re disposing of your rubbish properly. When you recycle, make sure you rinse any bottles, especially soft drink as ants are attracted to sugar and it can lure them inside your home. It’s also a good idea to use a bin with a lid to stop any pests getting into your rubbish. If you have recently disposed of food waste, perhaps after preparing a meal or cleaning out your fridge, take your rubbish out to your wheelie bin as soon as possible so the food waste isn’t deteriorating inside your home.

DIY pest control tip number three

Keep your floors clean. This can mean vacuuming and sweeping to make sure there are no crumbs left on the floor and it can also mean enlisting a professional Brisbane carpet cleaning service so that your carpet is free from food and bacteria that attract pests.

The best way to keep household pests at bay? Call South QLD Restoration!

Our professional services for pest control Brisbane are carried out by highly trained pest control specialists. At the end of the day, no matter how tidy you keep your home, pests can still become an issue due to our warm and humid Brisbane climate. With regular visits from our  pest control experts, you can say goodbye to household pests for good!

Why professional carpet cleaning is so important for your Brisbane home

You may not realise it, but your carpets are one of the most valuable assets in your home. Why? Because when it comes to selling your home or maintaining your home’s value, the condition of your carpet will have a dramatic affect on the worth of your home. Dirt and bacteria trapped in your carpet can deteriorate your carpet, cause mould and become a breeding ground for disease. One of the best ways to ensure your carpet stays in good condition, is to have the professionals at South QLD Restoration clean it for you on a regular basis.

Our Brisbane carpet cleaning services are second to none!

No matter how hard you try to avoid it by removing shoes at the front door or vacuuming, you can’t stop dirt from getting into your carpets. Even the best domestic vacuum cleaners won’t be able to get rid of the dirt that gets trapped in your carpets fibres or underlay. That’s where we come in! Our Brisbane carpet cleaning services are second to none! Our specialised carpet cleaning machines are commercial grade, and they make light work of any dirt, grime and bacteria that is trapped in your carpets, leaving them germ free, clean and looking, feeling and smelling great!

The carpet cleaning products we use are safe for your carpet, family and pets

Despite what the store-bought carpet cleaning products say on the bottle, they’ll never be able to achieve the results that our commercial grade carpet cleaning products can. Quite often store-bought carpet cleaning products aren’t safe for your pets and family, because in order to be a suitable market price, they are made cheaply. When you enlist our Brisbane carpet cleaning services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all our carpet cleaning products are 100% safe for your family and pets and won’t damage your carpet.

Contact South QLD Restoration to book our Brisbane carpet cleaning services

If your carpet is in need of a professional clean, contact our experienced team!

Help! My Brisbane home is flooded! – What to do if you experience water damage.

Waking up in the middle of the night to a burst pipe or coming home after a long day at work to water throughout your house has to be one of the most frustrating things! It’s not the end of the world though! If you have a burst pipe, there are a few DIY water damage restoration tricks you can use before the professionals at South QLD Restoration arrive.

DIY water damage restoration trick one

The first thing you should do is turn off the water connected to your house and call a plumber or your real estate to get the burst pipe fixed.

DIY water damage restoration trick two

Soak up as much water as you can with towels or blankets. If you can, push the water out the front or back door with a broom.

DIY water damage restoration trick three

If you have ceiling fans turn them on to get the air circulating. If you can prop any pedestal fans off the ground and out of the water, turn them on too and face them towards the water damaged area.

DIY water damage restoration trick four

If possible, open all your windows and doors to let in extra air.

Call the water damage restoration experts at South QLD Restoration

Our commercial grade water damage restoration equipment is specifically designed to repair water damage on both a small and large scale. Our quick response times ensure that your home will be less likely to experience serious water damage. Whether you have carpet in your home, tiles, linoleum or wooden floor boards, with our experience, expertise and equipment we’ll have the water damage sorted in no time! We also have a range of restoration services including carpet cleaning, carpet repairs and mould removal that will have your home looking better than it did before! Contact us now for emergency water damage restoration!