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Mould, What is it?

Mould is a fungus, which forms as a result of a warm, moist environment creating a breeding ground for spores on organic (wood) and synthetic (paint) materials. Mould removal should be looked into in the circumstances whereby a household member is asthmatic or if mould is prolonged or covering a large area of your home- generally speaking around one square meter.

Mould removal from a bathroom ceiling by South Queensland Restorations.

How & Why You Should Get Rid of Mould

The process for DIY mould removal is relatively simple, but bare in mind it proves to be labour demanding. Firstly, vacuum up the mould with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner- a HEPA filter is crucial as it won’t spread the mould around. Secondly, use a mixture of diluted vinegar (4 parts vinegar: 1 part water) to scrub the mould away, causing it to overheat and die.

Mould has the potential to emit toxic spores and vapours into the air. In confined spaces or areas with large amounts of mould, these spores can create health problems inclusive of allergic reactions, and hypersensitivity or develop asthma and flu- like symptoms. Prolonged mould or areas that have flooded require specialist equipment (HEPA filter vacuum and respiratory machines) already possessed by mould removal professionals.

If DIY mould removal is beyond your talents, or you need professional services South Queensland Restorations can assist.

Professional Mould Removal

In a recent mould removal cleaning project in a bathroom of a home in Tweed Heads, the bathroom had no ventilation system in place resulting in the production of mould. Moisture created from the bathroom, had nowhere to escape and thus settled on the painted surfaces of the ceiling and walls of the bathroom. As a result of lack of air ventilation in the bathroom, natural moisture had nowhere to escape the building, thus producing mould spores. Using bleach chemicals and scrubbing techniques, the paint was peeled from the ceilings then mould was cleaned and removed. While the walls were ridden of the mould by incorporating HEPA filter vacuum equipment both prior and after cutting open and removing the plasterboard, in order to combat the spread of mould and dry out the walls.

The before and after shots highlight the large-scale mould removal cleaning carried by South Queensland Restorations which then allowed for later necessary painting and plaster reconstruction on affected surfaces.

Mould Removal Tweed Heads


Mould Removal Tweed Heads

If you suffer from prolonged mould in your home and require specialist cleaning services for your walls and ceilings then South Queensland Restorations can help. The team services Brisbane and Gold Coast cities and their surrounding suburbs from the Sunshine Coast to Tweed heads.

South Queensland Restorations also offers a wide range of other services such as carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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