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How To Keep Your Leather Couch Clean

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “I moved into a house with my girlfriend and was given the ultimatum, me or the couch”. What you don’t know is that the couch can easily be revived, so you can have the couch and the girlfriend. Couches are impervious to a wide variety of stains, […]

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning: DIY or Professional?

After all your movie marathons, your couch and other fabric upholstery quickly becomes the crumb collector. You’ve noticed some food and drink stains on your furniture, and you know it needs a good clean. So, how should you go about your fabric upholstery cleaning situation? DIY or get a professional? There are many DIY fixes […]

Not your ordinary blog reading!

In our blogs you won’t just find information about carpet cleaning and water damage. We share a range of interesting industry insights including tips on how to prepare your home for sale, behind the scenes action of our amazing water damage restorations and impressive before and afters for tile cleaning, mould removal and more! If […]

About Using Upholstery Cleaning Companies

Whether it’s the couch, the dining seating, dad’s favourite chair, or even the family car, the upholstery gets dirty. And no matter how often you clean it with a good old vacuuming and store bought sprays and foam, it is never totally cleaned. If you are looking to achieve an obvious transformation of your upholstery […]

Use Our Termite & Pest Control Services

We cover a comprehensive range of pest control services including termite inspections, termite barriers, rodent baiting, spider and cockroach eradication, flea treatments and more.  Our trusted pest control team understand the importance of ensuring your home is free from pests and healthy for you and your visitors alike. We have a personalised approach which includes taking into account […]

High Pressure Cleaning For Your House

Your home is a very personal space that is an extension of you. This is a representation of who you are, to be seen by those around you. So how you clean the exterior is just as important as how you take care of the interior. In the end, you’ll want a home exterior that’s […]

Keep Pests Away From Your Home

They bite, they fly, and they invade. Yes, unwanted guests in your household, such as termites (white ants), cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, ants, and other pests. Not forgetting those persistent bed bugs. Any of these species should not be present in your home or place of work since they can cause serious health issues and have […]

What Water Damage Will Do To Your Home

This is an image of what the inside of a wall looks like if not dried after a flooding   Water damage is a common issue for many. About 40% of homeowners have experienced some level of loss as a result of water damage. It can quickly spread contamination, cause serious damage to carpets and walls, ruin […]